Scientists in the USA and China have created hybrid monkey-human embryos that can survive for up to 20 days. While chimera research is not new, this latest project followed the results of a companion study last year, when Professor Weizhi Ji and his colleagues at Kunming University of Science and Technology in Yunnan, managed to grow a monkey embryo outside the womb for an extended period of time.

Monkey with its tongue sticking out — Source — Pixabay

Those involved claim that they are following medical and ethical directives laid down by the governing bodies in each of their countries and state that these chimeras are critical in the study…

Living longer is a far cry from aging well. Not many of us would want to live for an extensive time after our quality of life had significantly deteriorated, yet as a species we are surviving to much greater ages than our ancestors. A few people manage to achieve the best possible outcome, a very long and healthy life.

Of course, much can be explained away in terms of access to good nutrition, healthcare and educating ourselves against life shortening toxins such as smoking, but not all longevity can be attributed to environmental conditioning.

Sprightly Older Man — Source — Pixabay

I’m sure we’ve all got that…

A team at Northwestern University have developed a new organic printing material that could revolutionise regenerative medicine. The key to this remarkable discovery lies in the ability to control the way in which molecules combine to form tissues and cells. The printing process involves taking sample cells from a patient, and then creating living, functional tissues in the lab for research or reinsertion back into the patient.

A dementia patient losing parts of her memory — Source — Pixabay
A dementia patient losing parts of her memory — Source — Pixabay
A dementia patient losing parts of her memory — Source — Pixabay

The idea came from a study conducted in 2018 by lead scientist and pioneer in supramolecular self-assembly, Samuel I Stupp. …

Healthy aging in the average human body involves two basic factors. The first is related to the number of times our cells can reproduce before they die off and the second is the extent to which those dead or static cells are allowed to build up in tissues.

Older couple having fun dancing — Source — Pixabay
Older couple having fun dancing — Source — Pixabay
Older couple having fun dancing — Source — Pixabay

Every cell in the body carries the genetic information and chemical markers to inform it how to function, which genes must be switched on or off and when to divide to form another cell. …

From the ancient Egyptians to popular fiction, the question of whether an afterlife exists has puzzled and intrigued us for millennia. Now mainstream physicists have turned their focus to the subject, but few can agree on an answer.

Artistic impression of man walking up stairs to the afterlife — Source — Pixabay

In the words of the now famous scientist, Aaron Freeman, who wrote Eulogy from a Physicist, “According to the law of the conservation of energy, not a bit of you is gone; you’re just less orderly. Amen.” Whether your views on his remarks align or not, he does make a valid point. …

According to new research, the types of foods we eat have a direct impact on how well our brain ages. A study at Iowa State University, found data to indicate that moderate cheese eaters showed fewer age-related problems in their neural pathways, and that those who drank red wine over the span of the experiment, actually improved their cognitive abilities.

Red wine and cheese — Source — Pixabay

Now before we all start dancing and whooping at the thought of binging over Christmas using these findings as our excuse, the team at Iowa say it’s too early to tell whether this is because people who consumed red wine…

Having portable diagnostic equipment is the dream of every practical scientist and medic across the world. The ability to identify and isolate specific pathogens or trace contamination sources on the spot has, up until now, been a thing of fantasy. Now, new developments at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory has taken us one step closer to a hand-held tricorder of Star Trek fame.

The mobile genome sequence analyser uses Apple based software to enable the user free rein to sequence DNA without the need for heavy laptops or larger equipment in the field. …

We often think of anxiety and nervousness as a modern ailment, something that has developed in response to our ever more complex world, but it’s not a new phenomenon. The reasons for worrying may have altered but the condition is still as valid today as it was for our Bronze Age ancestors.

While our doctors, scientists, therapists, and wellbeing experts may suggest new drug regimes or long-term behaviour management, our forefathers could forage and create treatments for all their ails. …

As one of the oldest crops for food and fibres in the world, flax or linseed has been a part of our lives since civilisation began. In fact, the earliest evidence of humans using wild flax was found in the present-day region of the Republic of Georgia, where dyed, spun, and knotted flax fibres were discovered in the Dzudzuana Cave, dating back 30,000 years.

Blue flax flowers — Source — Pixabay

The plant prefers cool conditions, generally has blue flowers and two distinct forms of seeds; golden and brown. Both are edible and contain incredible properties that aid good health.

Not only are the seeds great for…

A study published in the journal, Psychological Science, claims that some sound combinations of words elicit different emotional responses in our brains. Even before the current pandemic hit the headlines, the sound of the word ‘virus’ triggered a measurable reaction.

It seems that the researchers of the study, “Affective Arousal Links Sounds to Meaning”, also investigated the correlation between shapes and sounds. …

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