Healthy aging in the average human body involves two basic factors. The first is related to the number of times our cells can reproduce before they die off and the second is the extent to which those dead or static cells are allowed to build up in tissues.

Older couple having fun dancing — Source — Pixabay
Older couple having fun dancing — Source — Pixabay

Every cell…

From the ancient Egyptians to popular fiction, the question of whether an afterlife exists has puzzled and intrigued us for millennia. Now mainstream physicists have turned their focus to the subject, but few can agree on an answer.

Artistic impression of man walking up stairs to the afterlife — Source — Pixabay

In the words of the now famous scientist, Aaron Freeman, who wrote…

Sam Nash

Sam writes scifi thrillers & also historical fiction under the pen name Sam Taw. She’s fascinated by the untapped potential of the mind.

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